ICTS is in the process of introducing the following services to the UK market:

1. Tracing of past members and/or beneficiaries

2. Training of fiduciaries

3. EBnet UK – an independent employee benefits knowledge portal for industry professionals

4. Pensions World UK – keep up with the latest news and trends with a quarterly publication

Benefits of our services


If you are a Pension Fund or Master Trust:

Help past employees and their families
Ensure that your past employees/members receive the funds that are due to them, thereby having a meaningful impact on their lives and that of their families.

Reduce your unclaimed pensions
Take heed of regulatory body requirements and seek to constantly reduce the amount of unclaimed pensions in your fund.

Better perform your duties
Access quality training on pension related matters through the ICTS Academy.

Connect with others
Participate in a community of professionals faced with the same fiduciary responsibilities.

Access up-to-date and quality content
Remain abreast of the latest news and trends in the pensions industry with access to quality content produced by a broad range of experts.

If you are a Pension Fund or Master Trust:

Benefit from variable costs
Reduce unnecessary costs and risk from your business if you are an administrator or consultant by using our tracing and training services.

Reach your market and build your brand
Target your brand building and awareness campaign directly at pension’s industry fiduciaries through our publications.

Showcase your expertise
Contribute content to showcase your skills and build your profile.